About Catherine Cashmore

Market researcher, analyst and well known media commentator covering all aspects relating to Property & Economics.

E. J. Cragie award winning writer.  Contributes to a range of publications including Australia’s oldest running economics journal ‘Progress Magazine’, Property Observer, Macro Business  etc

Author of Speculative Vacancies – Prosper Australia’s annual Speculative Vacancies report, which provides the only true examination of latent vacancy rates in the world. 

Editor of Port Phillip Publishing’s Cycles Trends & Forecasts,


Founder of The Real Estate Ladder Group, Cashmore& CO – International Buyer Advocacy and property development services.

President of Prosper Australia.

For comments or enquiries regarding buyer advocacy, market analysis, public speaking, or any other matter I can be contacted at – cc.cashmore@gmail.com.

Ph: +61 458 143 089





4 thoughts on “About Catherine Cashmore

  1. Carl Hall says:

    Hi Catherine, I have been following MacroBusiness for a while, but only recently heard about you. I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing re: exposing the unfairness of what’s happening in the property market; negative gearing, grossly overpriced housing, etc. etc. Yes, a home should be “A place for shelter”, not a vehicle to make the financially well off rich at the expense of the poor. For someone who works in the property industry it seems like you are almost a lone voice. I am sure you could make more money by keeping quiet about all this like so many other people. In my estimations you are up there with `Mother Teresa’.

    Thank you and kind regards,
    Carl Hall.

  2. Excellent analysis. Very insightful.

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