Recent Podcasts/Radio

April 2014 

“An extended podcast with journalist Catherine Cashmore discussing her experience on both sides of the real estate game. Why is it so essential for the public to understand the importance of economic rent?

After insight into the world of real estate agents and buyers advocates, we analyse the state of the current land and housing market. It’s not often the show offers an extended interview, but Catherine was in fine form.

Will the bubble mentality continue? What forces are propping it up? Where are the agents for change to come from?”


November 2013

“With mainstream media attention focused on whether Australia is or isn’t in a real estate bubble, and the atmosphere around Sydney prices becoming rarefied, Gunnamatta spoke with Leith Van Onselen, Catherine Cashmore, and special guest, Professor Steve Keen, on the current real estate market, the supply and demand drivers articulated by that market, and the future economic implications for Australia.

In a wide ranging discussion which runs for nearly 90 minutes, and has been divided into 3 parts, the speakers look at: the motivations of buyers and investors;  the treatment of real estate by the taxation and planning systems;  negative gearing and the political and generational dead-end Australia finds itself in when trying to address real estate issues; logical responses from the government and RBA and comparisons with New Zealand’s politicians and central bankers; and industry responses.” (November 2011)


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